About Story Without Endings. The background and the principles.

The digital era has come with two great promises. More access to knowledge and information. And better connections between people. I believe in these promises. And I want to create stories built on them. 

Like the evolvement of humans, our capabilities and the progress of our communities. Like the ever revealing depths of nature and the universe. These are stories without endings. 

I strive to build sustainable, lasting structures. Platforms connecting people. Data and knowledge that is transparent and accessible. Frameworks for starting and growing new experiences, that can evolve over time. Stories that never ends because people telling them are constantly renewed.

I value projects with social potential and opportunities for people to connect and build community. And I value projects that can make people wiser or richer with great experiences.

About me

Stories Without Endings is a consultancy and freelance operation run by me, Jesper Vestergaard. I’m based in Copenhagen, Denmark with my wife and a kid, enjoying life, city-culture, running orienteering in the woods, and, in general, the digital expansion of the world.

I have 20+ years of experience with digital design and UX. I’ve tried the most from freelancing to co-founding startups, working on my own, with small teams, with agencies, and huge corporations.

I’m a creative thinker and a conscious creator. I’m motivated by challenges and guided by curiosity. I’m an entrepreneurial spirit with strategic insight, and a basic drive to create things I believe is missing in the world.


Webflow Expert Professional Partner

SMV:Digital Advisor / Rådgiver


Creative Circle Bronze Award, 2009 for Soundvenue

VAT DK34429014

Let’s work together!

I’m available for freelance work and consultancy. Short term and longer term. At an hourly, daily or weekly rate, or with a project based agreement.

I’m based in Copenhagen, Denmark and open for remote work and travelling.


+45 2193 9196

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