Process – The 720 degree model

How I perceive a good process, and how I fit in working with others.


Working with digital products takes many forms. Hardly any good products or services are built the same way. No teams are the same, and no company follows the exact same path. Working as a freelancer and consultant you learn this fast, needing to quickly adapt to different workflows and team structures.

So, I want to share a bit about how I perceive a good process, and how I fit in working with others.

The 720° model

My work tends to follow a model I call the 720° model. It starts with an Analysis phase, followed by Design and Implementation, and ends with a Follow up. This can manifest in short sprints or month-long collaboration.

The 720° model

For smaller projects, I sometimes do all four stages, including the full implementation on my own. Mostly in readily available platforms such as Webflow, WordPress, Shopify, etc. For bigger projects, sometimes I join development teams for the implementation phase as Product Manager or Product Owner. For some projects, I do just the analysis and design phases. It can be on my own doing all aspects of the design. Or focusing mainly on the UX Design working with a design team or other experts.

For most projects, I like to include the follow up phase, as I believe that no design job is properly done before the work lands in the hands or before the eyes of the real people they are intended for. In this phase, it might be about looking at the data, traffic, and traction. And about tweaking and finetuning. It might also lead to starting the 720-degree process over again, based on the new insights found and assumptions being either validated or falsified.


The first phase of any project is about understanding where we should start. Who are we designing for? What is the market? Who has a say along the way? What are the special terms and requirements we need to consider?

What is the scope of our efforts? What does it take to eventually land somewhere we would regard as a success?


The design phase can begin. We dive into the work. Including testing and prototyping. We research and experiment. Trial and error.

Until we eventually land at something we feel good about and believe will bring us closer that stage we believe is success.


At this point, being well aware of what needs to be done, we should also have decided on which tools and technology we need and what team size is called for.

Joining this phase as a Product manager or product owner, I can help to prioritize and make hard choices and adjustments along the way. To help stay on track towards our common goal.

Follow up

A good design is never finished before it meets it’s intended audience and starts being used. This is the ultimate measure of success. For smaller projects or shorter-term projects, the parameter for success might be something less fundamental.
Regardless of the project size, an evaluation needs to be made to understand how to proceed to the next step in new a wiser way.


Editorial Design

How do we create a great reader experience building upon the best from both traditional printed publications and digital media?

Product Design

Product Design

Let’s build an awesome product! It’s based on solid concepts, world class UX and great UI, solving real problems.

Product Managemen

Product Management

Making sure that the right product is being build, and that the product is being build right. That is the right way to go.

Webdesign and implementation

Webdesign and Implementation

Get going with a new website in a few days and make sure you are ready to meet the world and looking good on social media. I build in WordPress, Squarespace, Webflow and many more.

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