Community Building

From setting up a basic newsletter and collecting leads, to engaging a growing crowd with events and networking and discussions.

What I do?

  • Community building
  • Subscription
  • Databases
  • Newsletter set up
  • Growth and engagement
  • Event community
  • Social review

Bringing people together is one of the big promises of the digital era. Still, keeping track of people and actually reaching them when needed, can turn out to be difficult.

Let me help you do a social review of your service, to see how strong your community is and how to unleash further potential. You might want your followers to share your product and help boosting your word of mouth. You might want to improve engagement of community members to increase sharing of ideas and make sure more voices are heard. Or you might have a new idea or purpose for bringing people together, but don’t quite know how.

Key to proper community building is respecting the members and building the community with them not just for them. Safe data handling and GDPR are no-brainers, but really respecting the members, their needs and the social contract they agree to when joining the community is something that is often and easily forgotten. Let’s find out what’s in it for the users too and find the right way to a proper win-win opportunity.

Apart from, or in parallel with, the digital structures for maintaining a community, events in various forms and sizes are great ways of growing and engaging a community. Create something that people will gather around and the community is right there. I can help retaining and engage an event community with platforms and online registration systems like Conferize, Splashthat, Eventbrite.

Have a look at some samples of my work and get in touch to talk ideas and process, and let’s see how we can build something great together.


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University College Copenhagen

Product design, Editorial design, Community building, webdesign and implementation


UX, Webdesign and implementation, Shopify


Global event platform, Registration, Networking.


Website, Community, Events, Shop, iPhone app, Subscription.


Art Direction, Webdesign and implementation, Community building.

WMOC 2018

Webdesign and implementation, Community building.

Other services

Editorial Design

How do we create a great reader experience building upon the best from both traditional printed publications and digital media?

Product Design

Product Design

Let’s build an awesome product! It’s based on solid concepts, world class UX and great UI, solving real problems.

Product Managemen

Product Management

Making sure that the right product is being build, and that the product is being build right. That is the right way to go.

Webdesign and implementation

Webdesign and Implementation

Get going with a new website in a few days and make sure you are ready to meet the world and looking good on social media. I build in WordPress, Squarespace, Webflow and many more.

Startup consultancy

Startup Consultancy

Get help navigating the muddy waters of new beginnings. Learn when to say no, and when to say yes. When to think about scalability and when to focus on getting things done.

Let’s work together!

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I’m available for freelance work and consultancy. Short term and longer term. At an hourly rate or with a project based agreement.

I’m based in Copenhagen, Denmark and open for remote work and travelling.
+45 2193 9196

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