Website, community, events, subscription.

When: 2003-2012

Challenge: Establish a new media outlet with a growing subscription base of dedicated and culturally critical readers 18-35. In Danish.

Role: Product Design, Product Management, Community building

Reach: +10,000 subscribers

Awards: Creative Circle, Bronze 2009


Soundvenue logo

Over the years, Soundvenue has been growing from a pre-Myspace bands-and-fans community to a highly esteemed media outlet, released as a print magazine and on the web, as podcast and with a wide range of various community events.

During the years 2006-2009 I headed a huge redesign of the media online, focusing on the three themes of People, Opinions, and Play. We build media players for the discovery of new cutting edge music and video’s from the streets and the community events. We strengthened the editorial leve and status of the media giving room to more elaborate story formats. And we grew the engangement of the community with debates, interactive event calendar and a subscription structure covering both the print magazine, access to premium benefits online, such as music downloads, discounted registration for concert and parties and webshop discounts.

Especially the subscription concept covering a monthly recurring magazine delivered by mail and range of online benefits was a challenge in the early days of online subscriptions and recurring payments., 2009:

Soundvenue High 5
The unofficial Danish indie-chart, the weekly High 5 including a build-in voting system.

Soundvenue Event Calendar
Native app for the first generation of iPhones, 2010.



Event platform, Registration, Networking.


Art Direction, Webdesign and implementation, Community building.

WMOC 2018

Webdesign and implementation, Community building


Product design, UX, Project management, Maps.


Product Design

Product Design

Let’s build an awesome product! It’s based on solid concepts, world class UX and clever information architecture, solving real problems.

Product Managemen

Product Management

Making sure that the right product is being build, and that the product is being build right. That is the right way to go.

Startup consultancy

Startup Consultancy

Get help navigating the muddy waters of new beginnings. Learn when to say no, and when to say yes. When to think about scalability and when to focus on getting things done.

Webdesign and implementation

Webdesign and Implementation

Get going with a new website in a few days and make sure you are ready to meet the world on social media looking good when your site is shared. I build in WordPress, Squarespace, Webflow etc.

Community Building

From setting up a basic newsletter and collecting leads, to engaging a growing crowd with events and networking and discussions.

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