Københavns Professionshøjskole Alumni Network

Product design, Editorial design, Community building, webdesign and implementation

When: 2019-

Challenge: Create an online platform for a new community for student, alumnis and employees of Københavns Professionshøjskole

Role: Product design, Editorial design, Community building, webdesign and implementation

Reach: Build to service 40.000 current students, 2.000 employees, and more than 200.000 graduates and employees.

Link: alumne.kp.dk

Københavns Professionshøjskole

KP Alumne is the network of current students, employees and graduates of Københavns Professionshøjskole. The school is a merge of former seperate institutions Metropol og UCC that was completed in 2018. KP now offers 21 bachelor and diploma programs including teacher education, social education, nursing and social work, with a strong emphasis on welfare. It’s now among the largest educational institutions in Denmark. 

With KP Alumne the goals are to build a strong cross disciplinary community: A place to connect between current and former students, to share knowledge and experience and to build a longer lasting relation to the institution as a platform for further education, growing careers and professional networking.

Working closely with Chief Consultant Søren Frits Lybecker, the focus of my work has been to conceptualise and create the technial facilities of the platform. The main requirement for which has been a high degree of flexibility and room for change, and a solid and secure framework for keeping track of and connecting with people interested in joining the network.

We have now launched a first version of a platform that can grow and expand.

Currently the platform stands on three pillars:

1) A news hub

2) A growing list of theme based member clubs

3) A podcast series.

Beside using the platform to communicate news, events and other activities, we grow the community based on newsletter mailing list with MailChimp and Facebook Groups.

I chose to base the webplatform on Webflow. This has allowed me to build multiple distinct visual universes and user experiences based on the various sections needed. It’s super flexible to use and take in different directions as designer and developer, and the community around the platform is vast, with knowledge, support and tutorials easily accessible. With the CMS options and editor access it’s also easy to have more people working simultaneously on the content while not messing up the layouts and designs.

For the podcast we chose to use the platform Transistor.fm.

I previously build the Conferize Investor Portal on Webflow. It was a more simple one-page website where the platform proved great for styling and maintaining a responsive design across browsers, devices and screen sizes. With the KP Alumne project, the platform proved further to be great for setting a bigger and more elaborate online universe.


Screen shots

Main news hub (live link)

A news story (live link)

KP Eksistens – a theme based club page (live link)

Presenting the podcast series Velfærdsprofeten (live link)

Podcast editorial integration

Using article based news stories to promote and support new podcast episodes emphasized the need for cross media activation between the web browser and the user’s podcast apps. To smoothen the experience we’ve added a player with the related episode inline im the article. And, depending on the user’s device and screen size, we show either a QR code or direct links activating the most widely used podcast players, to ease the jump from screen to earbuds.

Other work

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Annual Report Concept & UX

I created the concept and the UX Design for the first digital version of the annual report for a Danish multinational company.


UX, Webdesign and implementation, Shopify


Art Direction, Webdesign and implementation.


Website, community, events, subscription.


Event platform, Registration, Networking.


Editorial Architecture

How do we create a great reader experience building upon the best from both traditional printed publications and digital media?

Product Design

Product Design

Let’s build an awesome product! It’s based on solid concepts, world class UX and clever information architecture, solving real problems.

Product Managemen

Product Management

Making sure that the right product is being build, and that the product is being build right. That is the right way to go.

Webdesign and implementation

Webdesign and Implementation

Get going with a new website in a few days and make sure you are ready to meet the world on social media looking good when your site is shared. I build in WordPress, Squarespace, Webflow etc.

Community Building

From setting up a basic newsletter and collecting leads, to engaging a growing crowd with events and networking and discussions.

Startup consultancy

Startup Consultancy

Get help navigating the muddy waters of new beginnings. Learn when to say no, and when to say yes. When to think about scalability and when to focus on getting things done.

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